What's New with Sherborn Dollars for Scholars?

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 School Year!

Over the summer months, the application process and associated financing of such goes a little dormant while people are enjoying everything about their summer! While the Sherborn Dollars for Scholars application season is not yet open, now is the time to fill our your Student Profile in the Sherborn Dollars for Scholars website! This is a yearly opportunity to be matched with scholarships! Exciting this year is that our website can be used by residents of Sherborn to fill out their profile to apply for scholarships across the United States.

We invite current seniors and Sherborn students continuing to pursue higher education to click on the students & parents tab to fill out an online student profile through the ChapterNet Student Dashboard. With just a few simple steps, students can see the other scholarships that may be available to them. Once the profile is complete please search for scholarships. You will see any potential matches at the end of your profile. Click on those links and you will be re-directed away from our website to those associated with the other opportunities.

This is also the best time for freshman, sophomores, and juniors to fill out their profile at the same link. All of the activities that you do now can be tracked in your profile so that when senior year arrives you do not have to scramble to "remember" all that you did. It will all be in one, easy place!

Best of luck!

The Sherborn Dollars for Scholars Board